Mathis Nitschke: VIOLA (2015)

VIOLA is a short opera installation in public space. The audience is sitting inside a pharmacy and looks through the shop windows, watching the train station square. There sings in monologue Viola, a confused and sad woman, disillusioned, lost. The voice of singer Martina Koppelstetter is transmitted through a wireless microphone onto transducers: devices which convert the big glass panes of the shop windows into loudspeakers, creating a sounding membrane between the inside and the outside. She sings mostly for herself, then she refers from time to time to (real or virtual) pedestrians, later also to the audience. Finally she disappears in anonymity again. Only loneliness remains.

Brian Irvine: I Just Sell My Bananas (2014)

from Things We Throw Away – Five short operas by Brian Irvine (music) and John McIlduff (text) inspired by life on the streets of Dublin.

I Just Sell My Bananas
No tales to be told, no songs to sing, she just sells her bananas. She has kids to take care of, and a husband. Day in day out on the streets of Dublin. The bananas, however, are relentlessly cheerful. They sing with a jazzy Latin pazzaz…

Sylvia O’Brien (Banana Lady)
Sarah Shine (Banana 1)
Rachel Croash (Banana 2)
Maria Kelly (Banana 3)