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Klaus Janek: MUSRAOPERA (2018)

During the month-long residency in the quarter of Musrara sounding situations developed a participatory mobile radio opera based on the voices of the neighbourhood. In a collective dialogue we draw a description of the present and futures to be heard in an acoustic portrait. The piece moves as a radiophonic opera through the city landscape transforming it into its stage. How to deal with a format full of past and tradition like the opera, when present is the moment we have, the time frame and power to make transformation happen? Theatre and performance are a strategy to imagine in a concrete way what we do not know and how (personal and collective) history could be staged. It is the fictive rehearsal and master training of transforming the uncertain present into a wished future world in which we want to construct our broader neighbourhood.

Composers website: http://sounding-situations.com/musraropera