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Gabriel Prokofiev: Elizabetta (2019)

Commissioned by Regensburg Opera and written in collaboration with celebrated librettist David Poutney (director of WNO), Elizabetta is a contemporary, thriller opera inspired by the infamous Countess Elisabeth Báthory.

Set in the present day, Elizabetta opens as a satire of the current obsession with fitness and health, and Instagram narcissism, before delving into darker, more serious issues – such as human trafficking, the Ebola crisis, slavery, adoption and DNA testing  – prompting the question: what is the true cost of vanity and our yearning for self preservation?

Scored for full symphony orchestra, electronics and extensive percussion, Gabriel brings a refreshingly 21st century approach to Elizabetta, fusing classic operatic aria & recitative with techno & dance, TV-commercials, Congolese song, contemporary classical and electronic music.

This fast-paced, 25 scene, poly-stylistic ‘cinematic’ opera is directed by critically acclaimed German director Marcus Lobbes, with projection-led design from Michael Deeg, ingenious costumes from Christl Wein, featuring Regensburg Opera’s versatile soloists and 24-strong chorus. Conducted by Chin-Chao Lin.