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Christopher Cerrone: Invisible Cities (2013)

Imagine arriving at a train station and discovering a man singing beautifully to himself. But what if he were singing to 150 people all over the station who were listening to him, seven other singers, and a live orchestra via state-of-the-art wireless headphones?

That’s the concept behind Invisible Cities, a new immersive opera experience produced by The Industry and LA Dance Project, with sound powered by Sennheiser. First performed in LA’s Union Station to international acclaim in 2013, this one-of-a-kind production became a cultural phenomenon, with 9 performances added by popular demand.

Based on Italo Calvino’s beloved novel and hauntingly set by composer Christopher Cerrone, Invisible Cities is a 70-minute meditation on urban life, memory, and human connection.

Director Yuval Sharon’s concept makes each audience member the protagonist of the experience in a transfigured view of everyday life. Choreographer Danielle Agami draws the audience into an uncannily intimate proximity to the LA Dance Project.